GPS Vehicle Tracking System Makes for an Easy Transition with GoTrack

October brings cooler weather and more fall outdoor activities! I am looking forward to it — football games, fall festivals, and fall baking.  Are you ready for a change in scenery? Your GPS Vehicle Tracking system transition are easy with GoTrack including change with company drivers and vehicles.

Convenience of GoTrack

Again, GPS Vehicle Tracking system transition are easy. You can edit drivers’ names & phone numbers, switch vehicles, add Users, change monitoring access with the convenience of GoTrack.  We got it.  Call Nic in Support for “How do I… questions.

Let’s talk traffic. Some towns are known to have congested slower traffic flow, slower than the posted speed limits.  Seasoned drivers allow for extra time to reach their appointments, anticipating traffic, weather, construction, and rush hour driving. Of course, the time of day driving through town can make a difference. It’s a guess with projecting arrival time.  Early is good but too early can be a problem for some destinations.

GPS Vehicle Tracking and Dispatching

The location of your vehicles is where we come in.  Dispatchers rely on GPS Vehicle Tracking to know where their driver is and confirmation driver already is headed “that way”.  GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking can be relied on to give you minute by minute updates while the vehicle is moving and every hour while the vehicle is stopped.   You can be alerted of their next movement when engine is off, if desired.

In choosing which vehicle is closest to dispatch to an address, GoTrack has a “Dispatch Address” box tool (right above the Overview Map).  Type in the destination address in the box and choose all vehicles or fleet of vehicles and a checkered flag will appear on the map showing the destination address in proximity to your vehicles or one fleet.

Reports are of secondary importance to a GPS tracking system.  We provide Fleet Start/Stop, Stops, Speeding, Idle, Maintenance, location, Sensors, and State Mileage Reporting.  All can be downloaded to print for your record keeping.  Keep in mind GoTrack keeps available to you on-line the last 6 months of history at any one time.

State Mileage

State Mileage is an important tracking feature and with GoTrack, we have you easily covered — pick the dates, pick fleet or device and save. Then, view or download from your Scheduled Reports tab to print and save for tax purposes. Reoccurring reports can be set to repeat by day, by week, or by month in Scheduled Reports.

Cameras & Vehicle Installs

Don’t forget us for your camera needs: For new” Smart Witness” and in-cab Driver cameras or HD Intelligent Accident cameras also available, see Todd for details. Some of our local customers around the Kansas City area take advantage of our Lee’s Summit office for their vehicle installs for GoTrack 3-wire GPS tracking devices and camera installations.  Call Matt to make an appointment.

Online Ordering

Flexibility day or night, order On-line for secure convenience anytime.  Then, you can update your payment records at your convenience and order additional GPS Vehicle Tracking system devices, GPS Assets, or Y-cables — night or day.  If this is your first time using our on-line service, as you checkout is when you create your billing account.

Fall brings a change of season and remember, GPS Vehicle Tracking system transition is easy to do anytime. The change of season can bring allergies or colds.  With Flu season beginning as early as October, it mightbe worth mentioning that flu shot season begins.  Enjoy Fall with outdoor Sports and Fall Festivals in your community!

Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m. Please contact us for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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