GoTrack GPS Tracker Installation [Quick Start Guide]

There are three type of GoTrack GPS tracker units available. If you already have selected a unit, skip right to the appropriate section below. If you are still choosing which GoTrack tracker is right for you this article may help you select based on the ease of installation.

The GoTrackEZ GPS Tracker

OBD II port for GPS tracker placement

GoTrack’s smallest model is literally “plug and play!” The GoTrack EZ attaches to the onboard data (OBD) port found under the dashboard of cars sold in the United States since 1996. Technically, cars manufactured since 1996 use the OBD II protocol, and this is what the GoTrack EZ is designed to use. This means if your car has an OBD port but was built before 1996, you probably need to use the GoTrack 3-Wire. Diesel vehicles use a different OBD protocol, so they also require you to use a GoTrack 3-Wire.

You can install the GoTrack EZ in hybrid vehicles, but they require special programming.  Just let us know you have a hybrid when you order. If you are moving a GoTrack EZ GPS tracker to a hybrid or ordered the EZ without telling GoTrack it was for a hybrid vehicle, simply call our customer service line at 1-800-772-2885. GoTrack can update the programming for you.

To install the GoTrack EZ, first locate your OBD II port. It should be under your dashboard on the driver’s side, above your gas and brake pedals. It should look much like the pictures to the right. The GoTrack EZ simply plugs into place. The OBD port has angled sides and so does the plug on the GoTrackEZ. Match up the angles and press the GpTrackEZ GPS tracker into place.

The OBD II port will provide the unit with power.  It will also indicate whether the vehicle’s ignition is on or off. This will allow the unit to choose between its active mode, which sends data once per minute while the car is running, or sleep mode, which checks in once per hour while the vehicle is parked. If you are unable to locate your vehicle’s OBD II port, try visiting’s free OBD II location tool.

The GoTrack 3-Wire Vehicle Tracker

OBD II port for GPS tracker installation
OBD II port

If your vehicle cannot use the GoTrack EZ, the GoTrack 3-Wire provides the same functionality. It does not, however, use the OBD II port. Instead, it is manually wired into the vehicle under the dashboard. You can have a professional mechanic install the GPS tracker if you are uncomfortable with the idea of doing it yourself and need to use the 3-Wire. It is important to note that the GoTrack 3-Wire is designed to operate under the dashboard, not under the hood. Installing the GoTrack 3-Wire under the hood will damage the unit.

First disconnect the wire harness from the GoTrack 3-Wire GPS tracker. You will need to connect the red wire to the constant 12 VDC supply, the white wire to ignition and the black to ground. Although crimped on connectors can be used, GoTrack strongly suggests soldered connections properly insulated with heat shrinkable insulated tubing for the best connections. After all three wires are connected, the harness may be plugged into the unit.

It is important to note that the GoTrack 3-Wire must be positioned correctly for proper operation. The GPS tracker. Unit should have the side with the sticker facing up. It is best if the unit is located under the dashboard as high and as far from the firewall as possible. To prevent the unit from shifting while driving, it should be secured in place with cable ties.

The GoTrack TTU-720 GPS Tracker

The GoTrack TTU-720 is very easy to install. It is simply secured in place because it is completely self contained. Its battery will power the unit for three years and it is waterproof, so it can be exposed to weather. This GPS tracker is designed to be used on trailers, equipment boxes, construction equipment, boats, etc. It is important that the TTU-720 is placed outside, as high as possible, with the flat side down. Once you have determined the perfect placement, use the mounting holes to bolt the unit into place.

It should be noted that because the GoTrack TTU-720 is self-contained and battery operated, it will not sense vehicle ignition. INstead, it senses when the unit is in motion. While at rest in sleep mode (when no movement is detected) it sends a signal every twelve hours. Once the unit detects that it is moving and  switches to its active mode, it sends data every 15 minutes.

After your GPS trackers are installed it make take a few minutes for them to report in for the first time. Generally, they report in within 15 minutes. After that they can monitored by logging on to the GoTrack website or through the GoTrack iPhone and Android apps (learn more about the apps here). If you have any additional questions about installing your GoTrack GPS tracker, please contact us at 1-800-772-2885

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