GPS Tracking for your Nanny

Summer’s just around the corner – Is your favorite Summer Nanny coming back to watch your school kids while you’re at work?   Remember rainy days, wondering if the Nanny will take the kids to the library instead of the park or pool that day? A GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack will bring answers to family’s driving questions – where and when and so much more!

You can also have both parents as GPS Vehicle Tracking Users, seeing very important people, reach their destination or traveling your way using GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking on all your vehicles!  At GoTrack, you can have an instant calling link added to the pop-up driving info box when viewing your GPS Vehicle Tracking on your cell, computer, or tablet (by listing your driver’s phone number with your vehicle’s name).  So convenient!

Stops are very important places in your familie’s lives.  This means driving takes up a constant part of life – whether back and forth to Mom’s house, library, sports games, college, school, work and favorite eating spots.   Saved Location Names for these stops of interest for ease of viewing later.

Be texted or emailed upon entering/exiting saved locations, if you wish.  The best way to get a custom size saved location (for example, mall, children’s park, or odd shaped stop) is to choose the Polygonal geo-fencing rather than circular geo-fencing.  You can make the area any shape you need to. Follow the instructions given at the bottom of Create Location screen. It will step you through geo-fencing or you can call in and ask for Support and they will help you out as well.

As the orchestrated driving-to “events” of family or business change day to day, the information from a GPS Vehicle Tracking System proves useful to coordinate a working successful driving business and/or driving family to run smoothly in the background of what really matters – the “Stops” in life and in business.  Brilliantly, any and all concerned can view the driver with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System whether Nanny, Teen, Senior, or Business Employee. An important task!

As busy families know, activities/sports get cancelled, postponed, or early released and pit stop ice cream consolation does occur.   Adding also teenage drivers to help and sharing well may not be their forte. A GPS Vehicle Tracking system can tell you where your driving teen is now with your vehicle when a teen is delayed from being home.  Seeing the driver is on the way back saves conversation till home while keeping driving focus on the road, making a GPS Vehicle Tracking System like GoTrack a busy families’ friend.

These are just a few highlighted features you may find useful to use with your family (multiple-users, stops named, polygonal geo-fence, speeds, idles, next movement, instant calling, printable reports, enter/exit location alert….) Here at GoTrack we have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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