Season’s change… It’s the last of SUMMER  — SCHOOL’S STARTING soon  — COLLEGE KIDS will be HEADING BACK TO SCHOOL….Ready for change?

Whether your company owns 1 car, truck, van or has hundreds of vehicles, we can help your business and family’s driving needs with 24 hour GPS vehicle monitoring, vehicle camera monitoring, and asset monitoring for heavy equipment.

With the flexibility of GoTrack, we can grow with your company with unlimited users and easy updating as your company grows and changes.  When a vehicle is sold or totaled, yet the GPS tracking device is saved, plug in the EZ tracking plug-in device or install/wire the GPS tracking device right into your next vehicle and rename/update that device’s new status online.

Reports can see mileage by state, dates, stops, idles, etc. for review, comparison, or total miles needed.  Dispatchers love our map features (dispatch address, next movement alert, overview by fleet) and we have seen a hundred locations saved for even a small company’s usage for their ease in operation.

Dedicated truck routes are popular – locally or across state lines use GPS vehicle tracking.  Our GoTrack Vehicle Tracking map lets you see Bob’s vehicle with all fleet vehicles, see Bob’s vehicle in one fleet (i.e. Service or Install Dept.-East Branch) , see only Bob’s vehicle or choose a different individual or fleet… all by a single “click” on the drop-down window labeled “Results for”, (under Overview, Tab: Map), instantly changing the viewing screen-1 click.

Then quickly change from map viewing to list of devices (by clicking Tab: Device Status, still under Overview) and you will see alphabetically who is stopped, who is moving or idling for all vehicles or just one fleet.  You will know last location and what time the device last reported. Plus, each highlighted feature clicked (device name, last location, last status) can switch the screen to a more detailed “Report” information screen (sometimes with map).  By clicking the address highlighted, you can create a new location, which automatically sets up last address clicked to name that spot and geo-fence, if desired. *

Fleet grouping, maintenance reminders, next movement alert, “after hours” notifications, reports, and our staff — these are a few of the reasons we hear that has brought you to us or kept you with us at GoTrack.  Our favorite is referrals and we thank you for your business and trust.

Call us about our company referral policy.  Referrals are welcome and have grown our strong business.  Our referring customers and employees feel it’s a top GPS Vehicle Tracking System and employees at GoTrack are not just advocates, they also use GoTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking on their personal cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles, trailers, RVs, etc.

For family referral’s, this recent thank you comes from a Richmond, Texas family: “It was an absolute great tracker and have recommended it to many of my friends to have a peace of mind with teenage drivers.” Richmond, Texas customer

*We have customer support to speak with a live support team person to assist you Monday through Friday 8 to 5 p.m.  Call for questions at 1-800-772-2885.

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