Simple Guide To The Different Types Of GPS Trackers

All sorts of devices are being sold as GPS trackers, from dog collars to black boxes wired into trucks. If a keychain pendant the size of a quarter is really using GPS, why are other devices the size of a deck of cards? Why do some need to be wired into cars while others run…
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Car Tracking Apps: How Do They Work?

In How Does GPS Car Tracking Work? we learned about the GPS system of satellites and how a tracker device receives data from it. In this short article we will see what car tracking apps can do with data from GPS and other sources. What other sources of data? Mapping technology, for one, but also…
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GPS Tracking vs Navigation: What’s The Difference?

The global positioning system, or GPS, is a technology that has become more familiar to normal Americans over the last few years. Like so many other things, new technology has made this once very complicated system something easy to use. Most of us use it daily for directions or to avoid traffic. GPS tracking is…
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